Welcome to BarreOne

Barre One is an inclusive workout that nourishes your mind and body. Classes include movements that make you feel graceful, empowered and nurtured, while lengthening, strengthening and toning the entire body.

Each class starts at the barre, which has long helped dancers find balance and alignment. Classes are low-impact, protecting your joints and bringing postural alignment into each movement. Using small props; weights, stretch bands and magic circles; barre one classes give a full-body workout with an emphasis on core strength, breathing and muscular balance.

Home to Barre One is a beautiful new studio in Camberwell Junction, close to the market, cafes and shops. The light filled space and feminine tones have been designed to enhance the experience of Barre One.

If you want a challenging workout for your body and mind in a supportive and stimulating environment, then Barre One is for you.