Design Your Barre Program

Whether you are at the beginning of your health & fitness journey or wanting to compliment an existing workout routine, Barre One has something to inspire you.

We are so passionate about empowering women to feel and look healthy and strong.

The Barre One program has been designed to offer a range of workout styles so that class can be taken every day without muscle fatigue or boredom; or, if you are looking for a once a week time out just for you…there is a choice of intensities to suit your needs.

Over the coming months we will cover the stories of each class style in detail. To get you started on your Barre One experience here is a short guide to help you design your own workout program.

Total Fitness & Wellness (Three plus classes per week)

If you are using Barre as your primary source of fitness and wellness we advise three to six classes per week of varied intensity.

Empower or Grace Barre: three to four times per week combined with one Nurture Barre and one Breathe Barre would be a perfect way to transform both body and mind.

This combination of classes will work to sculpt larger muscle groups, strengthen deeper supporting muscles, stretch to create lean muscles and move mindfully to create a greater mind/body connection.

Basic & Complimentary Fitness (Twice a week)

If your busy life allows two exercise sessions a week or you want to compliment other fitness training, two barre classes a week is enough to feel and see the benefits within your body.

Which classes you take, depends on your individual goals and needs.

Choose Empower Barre & Grace Barre. for body transformation and cardio health.

Choose Nurture Barre for restorative fitness & deep muscle work.

Choose Breathe Barre for stretch and stress relief.

Time out  (Once a week)

Whether you are a full time worker, mum or student, taking time out for yourself is imperative for both body & mind. Restoring your mind doesn’t necessarily mean you need to meditate keeping both mind and body still. Mindful movements in all our Barre One classes centre your thoughts connecting you with your physical body.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to stress relief. If you like to move slowly, stretch with flowing movements and finish with a relaxation, Breathe Barre would be a perfect addition to your week. Or if you prefer getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat to release tension, Empower Barre would be the best choice.

Don’t underestimate the restorative power of a class once a week. It can be enough to focus you for the week ahead or recharge you in the middle of the week. Any time out for you is valuable.

We have a range of packages making Barre memberships affordable that are designed to suit your individual needs.

We would love to help design a barre fitness program just for you or answer any questions you may have…

Bec & Zoe

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