Why Barre?

One of the most frequently asked questions by new clients is “What am I going to achieve by attending a barre class?” Let’s have a look at ‘why barre’…

Why Barre?…

1.  Body Transformation

You will be astounded by the results barre will have on your entire body; primarily the improved body tone and shape. Barre classes lift the gluts, sculpt beautiful dancer legs, tone the stomach and waistline and carve shape into the arms and back.

2. Increased Flexibility & Strength

Barre is a low impact workout that uses resistance to gain full body strength. Flowing movements and stretches increase your flexibility, encouraging the muscles to develop with length.

3. Improved posture & Spine Health

The pilates and yoga elements of Barre allow you to develop body awareness that assists the development of your anatomical placement and muscle memory for beautiful posture.

Flowing movements of your joints, including the spine, enhances general mobility and overall joint/spine health.

4. Cardio Health

Classes all work to increase the heart rate for cardio health. Empower Barre classes at Barre One studio is particularly focused on increasing the heart rate, with a parallel to interval training.

5. Low impact & injury prevention

When Barre is taught well and by qualified instructors, the workout is kind to the joints. Barre One instructors always provide clients with pathologies or limitations, regressions to best suit their bodies. Whether you are training for a marathon, or working with a developing or ageing body, barre exercises are designed to create stable, strong joints & muscles.

6. Mind Health

At Barre One we focus on you learning to be more in tune with your own body. This takes your mind away from the external and gives you 50 minutes to focus on YOU. The wellness of both mind and body are the most precious things in life and need to be nurtured.

7. It’s so much fun!

Barre One classes are designed to give you the feeling of being Empowered, Graceful, Nurtured and give you the space to stop and Breathe.

The workout is varied with no set reps or choreography. Classes flow seamlessly, giving your body the feeling that it has danced.

You move fluidly from the barre, to weights, to the mat…with no time to be bored or check the clock! ….we promise ☺

We’d love to hear about your barre experiences or answer any questions you may have…

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