Grace Barre

Grace Barre was developed to give women the opportunity to workout and feel beautiful and feminine whilst doing it. It is a workout where you can push your body to the limit, shake and burn, but still feel elegant and poised.

What will Grace Barre do for me?

Grace Barre works to create long lean muscles. Each workout is perfectly balanced to sculpt both large and small muscle groups whilst stretching and lengthening the entire body.

The body is working in an externally rotated position of the legs throughout most of the class. This focus provides extra attention to toning the inner thighs as well as lifting the gluts as the body works to hold and maintain the rotation through movement.

In Grace Barre beautiful flowing ballet inspired movements, particularly in the upper body, increases the development of poise and posture throughout the body. Movements are designed to increase flexibility of the spine and shoulder girdle as well as improving posture.

Expect to develop very strong core control in Grace Barre. Core is a primary focus in the pilates inspired floor work, which is reinforced in a more functional way vertically at the barre.

What type of movements should I expect in Grace Barre?

Each Grace Barre class starts at the barre using ballet inspired exercises such as plié (knee bends), grand battement (leg lifts) and relevé (calf rises). Isometric pulses are used in various poses to produce the “barre burn” which are then followed by lovely upper body and arm movements for a stretch out and recover before the next sequence.

Arm work consists of using small hand weights to perform flowing arm movements, pulses, circles and an array of other combinations to define your back, shoulders, triceps and biceps.

Floor work follows with a strong focus on abdominal, upper body and back strength using both pilates and strength training influences.

Every class winds down with a well deserved stretch, reinforcing the development of long lean muscles.

Do I need to have a dance background to do Grace Barre? 

Grace Barre is not only for dancers but for everyone no matter what your dance or fitness background may be.

Dancers will love the class, as it will take them back to a place of familiarity and joy. If you have never done a ballet or dance class before, you will love the new movements.

There is no set choreography to remember therefore no two classes will be the same.

Although Grace Barre is not a dance class, the movements flow into each other giving you a feeling that you have danced.

Grace Barre is for the days you want to feel like a dancer and glow from the inside out.

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